Monday, January 23, 2012

My last day in NYC

Today was my last day in NYC!  I will miss this class, but I had a good send off and I am really looking forward to my next new adventures.  Before I left...

They designed and created a denim vest for me.  It was very chic, but I decided to leave it in NYC, for when I come back to visit again.
 It fit well, good for a NY fall or springtime.
They also made me this patch to remember all the sites I saw.  The Empire State Building, an apple for the "Big Apple," and the famous N.Y. initials.
 I wear it proudly!
 Very comfy!

 Here I am, being tucked away into a soft bag- my "sleeping bag" until I'm opened up again...
Off to my new destination!!  Where will I turn up next?!  Stay tuned to find out...

Thursday, January 19, 2012

My trip to California

 Uh, finally, my first flight not in a parcel!  I made it to L.A.!
 What a beautiful beach coastline for the Los Angeles residents.
 At the Bel Air Hotel.  The best grilled cheese of ALL TIME!
 What a hike!  What a cool hat I'm wearing! D'Oh!
 Look how high I am up on the ferris wheel at Santa Monica Pier.  Wow!
 Wow, the "Friends" set! It's so cool, I got to go to an actual t.v. studio!
 WAZ UP! Watching skaters in L.A.! WOW look at that trick!
My first Hannukah!
What a beautiful sunset on the Los Angeles coast.  I don't want to go home!