Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Times Square and Around Town

Here I am on Broadway outside of the famous "Lion King" musical.  The lights out here are great!
My host and I had so much fun at Grand Central Station.  It is NYC's main train station, and it is beautiful!  The architecture is great, and it is filled with travelers going to their destinations in and out of the city.

Look at the vaulted ceilings- it's such a stunning station!  If only you could see the magnificent pictures of the constellations that are in gold on the ceiling!  If you look close enough, you can see them a little bit.
Here I am on the outside of Grand Central Station, with the holiday decorations!
Here I am in Rockefeller Center with the ice skaters and the large Christmas tree that they put up and light every year.  It's so magical!
Here I am with a street food cart, there are a lot of these around the city.  This one has lots of popular soda/drink brands like Sprite, Coca-Cola, Pepsi and Gatorade.  I wonder if these drinks are common around the world as well?
I ended my evening at B.A.M. (The Brooklyn Academy of Music).  Brooklyn is a borough of New York, just east of Manhattan.  It is very residential, but also has some great places for culture, such as this building.  You can see plays, dance performances, live bands and even independent films in this building!

Monday, December 5, 2011

I go to the Statue of Liberty!

Here I am at the Statue of Liberty on Liberty Island.  It was a gift from France, they sent us all of the materials, and the Americans built it here.  It is made of bronze, so was originally brown, but it oxidized and turned this lovely shade of green.
Here I am at the back of the Statue of Liberty.  It's only an island, where the statue is, so we had to take the Liberty Cruise Ferry to get there.  There is usually a lot of people visiting the statue, but fortunately on the day I went, it was not too crowded.
Here I am looking at the Liberty Bike.  It is a motorcycle, and some of the details are like the statue- such as the liberty crown on the wheel of the bike.  It was really neat to see!
Here I am at the Freedom Tower near Battery Park, in downtown Manhattan.  Lots of tours go there, it was crowded!  They are building this building to replace the original World Trade Center buildings, and the name is symbolic of our freedom and hope for all in the future. 

Friday, December 2, 2011

My trip to TriBeCa (Triangle Below Canal Street)

 I got to see the "squiggly" building.  This is one example of some awesome architecture in New York City, designed by Frank Gehry.
 I then took trip near the Brooklyn Bridge (which connects Manhattan and Brooklyn) and got to see the great Municipal Building.  It is really neat because cars can travel under that arch in the back.  And on the top is a golden statue of a woman, it is named "Civic Fame."  She holds a crown with 5 points (each representing a borough of New York City).
 Here I am at City Hall.  Notice the neat Corinthian columns.  Many NYC court cases are held here.
Here I am near some great public art.  It is in City Hall Park and is done by the known artist, Sol Lewitt.  This piece is called "Splotch."  I really like all of the colors!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Thankgsiving and Lincoln Center

Gobble, gobble everyone!  Thursday was Thanksgiving in America, and I got to celebrate in New York!  Thanksgiving is a time when families and friends join together to share thanks for all that they have (love, happiness, community, health etc.).  They celebrate with a big dinner!                                                                                                                           
 Here I am with my Thanksgiving buddies.  They were very nice with me.
 He's my new pal...
And, tada!!  The Thanksgiving meal: turkey with gravy, sweet potatoes, stuffing, rolls, salad and vegetables.  Yum, Yum!
Then, over the weekend, I got to see The Nutcracker!  A traditional ballet for the holiday season.  It was performed by the New York City Ballet, a well-known dance company here in the states.

The ballet was at Lincoln Center, where many operas, ballets and other cultural events take place.  New York Fashion Week is now held here twice a year!  Where are those models?!

The weather was so beautiful over the weekend, so they turned the fountains on at Lincoln Center- how marvelous!
I then got to take a stroll on the High Line.  It is a new, above ground park in the Chelsea area of New York.  It used to be an old, elevated railroad track, but then the city took it over and turned it into a park.  It's like an above ground forest in the city!
I love the greenery!  Happy Fall!!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

My jaunt to the Upper East Side

I started out this past weekend in the Flatiron district- best known for that building in the back.  The Flatiron Building!  It's known for its unique triangular shape!
I was then fortunate enough to take a trip uptown to Central Park!  Look at the beautiful fallen leaves!  It's Autumn here in New York!
 I played on the well-known Alice in Wonderland sculpture.  She's quite large!  And fun to play on!
Look at the beautiful boat pond, people sail mini boats here!
I then went to the Museum.  But not before stopping for a hot dog and a pretzel at one of the street carts outside.  NYC street food, yumm!
Aah.  The Met. (Metropolitan Museum of Art)!  Finally!  There are so many great works of art in here!  And I love your steps and columns!

Look, a pedicab.  This is one way to see NYC in the open air!  A small cart for two!  I can see all the sites from here!

As I left the park, I saw some construction being done... These NYC workers are adding some more gravel to pave the road.
And onto a soccer (American for football) game for me.  I hope to score a goal!!

I Take to the Streets!

 I got to venture outside of school today for a little bit with my fellow classmates.  It was a lot of fun (though it did drizzle a little)...
 Americans are celebrating Thanksgiving this week (on Thursday).  Lots of store windows are decorated for the holiday, like with this Turkey (soon to be someone's meal!).
 Lots of walking, I'm tired.  I'll rest at this nice cafe table for a while.
 Ooh, an American post!  I am familiar with this!
 Wait!  What is that?!  A street named after yours truly?!  It couldn't be!  I'm honored!! Oh, thank you New York, thank you!
 I took time to stop and smell the roses.
 Right before my first New York bagel experience.  A schmear of cream cheese- yes please!

 Now for some New York pizza!!  So many topping choices- what do I get?  Pepperoni...
 Spinach and ricotta...  Ham and pineapple...
 Yep, I think it will be this one!
 Look, stores are even getting ready for the winter holidays in December.  This wreath is quite cozy, and I like the pine cones- very festive.
 Here I am at the bus stop again- it's a great way to get around the city.
 But not the only way.  I love a NYC taxi!  Bright yellow, so you can spot them anywhere!

 Oh, and the famed daily paper.  The New York Times!  What's this, a marathon was run here?  Oh, I must have missed it.  Glad I can still read about it though!  What a great event!
 New Yorkers like to keep their city clean.  Throw away your garbage, and recycle when you can!
 Housing Works!  I learned this place does a lot of good.  It's a place where people can donate old items, and then others buy them back.  All the proceeds go to housing for the homeless!  What a splendid idea!
 And the NYPD.  Always around when I need them.  I feel safe.
 New York is well known for their shopping.  Hmmm... look at these fancy bags.  Maybe I can bring one back with me...
 New York has so many people, that driving around causes lots of traffic.  Wise New Yorkers bike around the city, it also helps keep the city free of pollution.  The green lanes are specially designated lanes for the bikes!

 Yumm.  Cupcakes.  From the best in the city.  Magnolia Bakery!  Look at that frosting.  Delicious!
 New Yorkers also take motorbikes like this one.  Don't I look cool?

 And I had to check out this fancy restaurant... The Spotted Pig.  A known New York City haunt.