Monday, November 28, 2011

Thankgsiving and Lincoln Center

Gobble, gobble everyone!  Thursday was Thanksgiving in America, and I got to celebrate in New York!  Thanksgiving is a time when families and friends join together to share thanks for all that they have (love, happiness, community, health etc.).  They celebrate with a big dinner!                                                                                                                           
 Here I am with my Thanksgiving buddies.  They were very nice with me.
 He's my new pal...
And, tada!!  The Thanksgiving meal: turkey with gravy, sweet potatoes, stuffing, rolls, salad and vegetables.  Yum, Yum!
Then, over the weekend, I got to see The Nutcracker!  A traditional ballet for the holiday season.  It was performed by the New York City Ballet, a well-known dance company here in the states.

The ballet was at Lincoln Center, where many operas, ballets and other cultural events take place.  New York Fashion Week is now held here twice a year!  Where are those models?!

The weather was so beautiful over the weekend, so they turned the fountains on at Lincoln Center- how marvelous!
I then got to take a stroll on the High Line.  It is a new, above ground park in the Chelsea area of New York.  It used to be an old, elevated railroad track, but then the city took it over and turned it into a park.  It's like an above ground forest in the city!
I love the greenery!  Happy Fall!!


  1. Charles you are having such a fantastic adventure! We are loving following you around the city. Thanksgiving is really different to anything we have in New Zealand. We do have sweet potatoes though, we call them Kumera (say cu-ma-ra) which the first Maori settlers brought with them. Ours are purple skinned or yellow skinned and we usually steam or roast them.

  2. Yummy, delicious. Sounds just as good as U.S. Sweet Potatoes. Have you ever had turkey with gravy and cranberry sauce? Do you all have a traditional holiday, maybe a harvest festival, where families gather and have traditional New Zealand food?

    Charles was a great guest for Thanksgiving!

    He is looking forward to many more adventures ahead.