Tuesday, November 22, 2011

I Take to the Streets!

 I got to venture outside of school today for a little bit with my fellow classmates.  It was a lot of fun (though it did drizzle a little)...
 Americans are celebrating Thanksgiving this week (on Thursday).  Lots of store windows are decorated for the holiday, like with this Turkey (soon to be someone's meal!).
 Lots of walking, I'm tired.  I'll rest at this nice cafe table for a while.
 Ooh, an American post!  I am familiar with this!
 Wait!  What is that?!  A street named after yours truly?!  It couldn't be!  I'm honored!! Oh, thank you New York, thank you!
 I took time to stop and smell the roses.
 Right before my first New York bagel experience.  A schmear of cream cheese- yes please!

 Now for some New York pizza!!  So many topping choices- what do I get?  Pepperoni...
 Spinach and ricotta...  Ham and pineapple...
 Yep, I think it will be this one!
 Look, stores are even getting ready for the winter holidays in December.  This wreath is quite cozy, and I like the pine cones- very festive.
 Here I am at the bus stop again- it's a great way to get around the city.
 But not the only way.  I love a NYC taxi!  Bright yellow, so you can spot them anywhere!

 Oh, and the famed daily paper.  The New York Times!  What's this, a marathon was run here?  Oh, I must have missed it.  Glad I can still read about it though!  What a great event!
 New Yorkers like to keep their city clean.  Throw away your garbage, and recycle when you can!
 Housing Works!  I learned this place does a lot of good.  It's a place where people can donate old items, and then others buy them back.  All the proceeds go to housing for the homeless!  What a splendid idea!
 And the NYPD.  Always around when I need them.  I feel safe.
 New York is well known for their shopping.  Hmmm... look at these fancy bags.  Maybe I can bring one back with me...
 New York has so many people, that driving around causes lots of traffic.  Wise New Yorkers bike around the city, it also helps keep the city free of pollution.  The green lanes are specially designated lanes for the bikes!

 Yumm.  Cupcakes.  From the best in the city.  Magnolia Bakery!  Look at that frosting.  Delicious!
 New Yorkers also take motorbikes like this one.  Don't I look cool?

 And I had to check out this fancy restaurant... The Spotted Pig.  A known New York City haunt.


  1. Charles looks cool on the scooter!!!

  2. Charles we are loving your adventure. So many things you have done! The bagel experience looks the best to me. You have fabulous hosts!

  3. That looks so much fun, Charles. And those cupcakes look just amazing!