Tuesday, November 8, 2011

I Learn a Lot in 404

I got to use the laptops today to research the ancient Indian caste system.

I also got to sit with Ganesha- a special Indian God who brings success and removes obstacles.

And Goddess Lakshmi- the goddess of wealth!  She is in 404 along with a diya candle for when the class celebrated Diwali (the Indian New Year).

I got to go to Science class!

And got weighed on some scales!!

I took copious notes!!  What a good student I am!

Later in the day I got to go out on our roof play yard for some fresh air.  I took in the sites of the modern architecture and the Hudson River and New Jersey!

I stopped by the garden to look at some lovely greens that were planted!

Then, got to play outside for a bit on the slide and the monkey bars.

I ended the day with a trip to the school library.  I perused the fiction books, helped read a novel, and sat in the big comfy reading chair.

What a busy day!  New York is so much fun!

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