Friday, November 18, 2011

I am an Honorary 10!

I returned to my host school this week and got to go with the 10s to all of their Special classes.  My first stop was in Spanish class.
 Hola Senora!!
 I lead the 10s in their class song, en Espanol of course.
 I then "traveled" with the group to South America!
 And got to see Venezuela.  What a beautiful country!

I joined students in reading too.  Wonderstruck by Brian Selznick is a fascinating book.  I love the text and pictures that tell a story!

 Who knew Recorder could be so much fun!  I learned all of the notes.
I even got my own music stand.
Mozart and I, we look like we could be distant cousins!! 
I practiced all of my notes, I did so well!
And even got to play the glockenspiel in Music!  What a great sound!

In Technology class, I listened to some more tunes...
And even got my own user name and password to log into the computer!  Ssssh.  I won't say what the password is...

I finished up the week in Design class!
And saw all of the 10s' work that they did in Photoshop!  So talented!
And I even stopped to take a picture with the group!

What another fun-filled week!  What adventures await me next week?  I hear it's Thanksgiving.  A truly American holiday!  I hope I get some pumpkin pie...

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