Tuesday, November 22, 2011

My jaunt to the Upper East Side

I started out this past weekend in the Flatiron district- best known for that building in the back.  The Flatiron Building!  It's known for its unique triangular shape!
I was then fortunate enough to take a trip uptown to Central Park!  Look at the beautiful fallen leaves!  It's Autumn here in New York!
 I played on the well-known Alice in Wonderland sculpture.  She's quite large!  And fun to play on!
Look at the beautiful boat pond, people sail mini boats here!
I then went to the Museum.  But not before stopping for a hot dog and a pretzel at one of the street carts outside.  NYC street food, yumm!
Aah.  The Met. (Metropolitan Museum of Art)!  Finally!  There are so many great works of art in here!  And I love your steps and columns!

Look, a pedicab.  This is one way to see NYC in the open air!  A small cart for two!  I can see all the sites from here!

As I left the park, I saw some construction being done... These NYC workers are adding some more gravel to pave the road.
And onto a soccer (American for football) game for me.  I hope to score a goal!!

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