Friday, December 2, 2011

My trip to TriBeCa (Triangle Below Canal Street)

 I got to see the "squiggly" building.  This is one example of some awesome architecture in New York City, designed by Frank Gehry.
 I then took trip near the Brooklyn Bridge (which connects Manhattan and Brooklyn) and got to see the great Municipal Building.  It is really neat because cars can travel under that arch in the back.  And on the top is a golden statue of a woman, it is named "Civic Fame."  She holds a crown with 5 points (each representing a borough of New York City).
 Here I am at City Hall.  Notice the neat Corinthian columns.  Many NYC court cases are held here.
Here I am near some great public art.  It is in City Hall Park and is done by the known artist, Sol Lewitt.  This piece is called "Splotch."  I really like all of the colors!


  1. We really like the colors to Charles.We would like to know what the art is made out of.Does some of the public art get stolen as well?

    From Joshua BP and Liam.

  2. Hi Room One, the sculpture is made of fiber glass, and it is painted over with acrylic paint. In New York, sometimes the piece may be stolen (though I think it's rare), and mostly they bolt down the piece so it is not taken.

    Thanks for the questions.