Monday, December 5, 2011

I go to the Statue of Liberty!

Here I am at the Statue of Liberty on Liberty Island.  It was a gift from France, they sent us all of the materials, and the Americans built it here.  It is made of bronze, so was originally brown, but it oxidized and turned this lovely shade of green.
Here I am at the back of the Statue of Liberty.  It's only an island, where the statue is, so we had to take the Liberty Cruise Ferry to get there.  There is usually a lot of people visiting the statue, but fortunately on the day I went, it was not too crowded.
Here I am looking at the Liberty Bike.  It is a motorcycle, and some of the details are like the statue- such as the liberty crown on the wheel of the bike.  It was really neat to see!
Here I am at the Freedom Tower near Battery Park, in downtown Manhattan.  Lots of tours go there, it was crowded!  They are building this building to replace the original World Trade Center buildings, and the name is symbolic of our freedom and hope for all in the future. 


  1. Awesome i would love to go to the statue of liberty!!!

  2. Hi Charles!
    You sound like your having a great time!
    Room 1 would love to go to the Statue of Liberty!
    You are so lucky to get to go there!
    Why is it called the Statue of Liberty?
    Why did the French people give it to America?

  3. After we talked about this post some more, we were wondering how high can you go inside the statue? Would be a little scary maybe!

  4. Hi. It is called the Statue of Liberty because when the immigrants who landed here from other countries saw the light from the statue's torch, they realized they had arrived at a place where they would have freedom (or liberty) in their daily lives. It is one of the first things they saw when they arrived in America. The statue was given to New York from France on America's 100th anniversary of independence from Britain. You used to be able to go up to the torch on the statue, but now they are doing construction on it. You can only go up to the crown now. Some of us have been there and it is much higher up than you would expect. There is even a restaurant in the crown. Thanks for your comments!