Wednesday, February 9, 2011

 Today I went cruzin around. This is where I am staying which is in a 3 bedroom apartment on the second floor. Every room has air conditioning as it is so hot.

These are typical Bruneian houses. The streets are called Simpang's or Spg for short. Most Simpangs have a number rather than a name. This Simpang is 542 meters from the nearest round-a-bout and the houses here are 133 meters from the beginning of Simpang 542. Very confusing...  The Sultan builds a lot of the houses to give to Bruneian families for free.

Last week was Chinese New Year. A lot of Bruneian's are from Chinese/Indian/Malay descent. So Chinese New Year is very important to some of them. This year is the year of the rabbit. The round discs with square holes are chinese money. (I will send some to Mrs Smallbone). Most displays celebrating the Chinese New Year have money in them to signify prosperity. Can you see me in the photo?

Here I am at the Empire Hotel. This hotel is really flash! It is said to be one of the 10 best hotels in the world. Most of what you see in the picture is either marble or gold - except me, but I'm pretty flash too!! These marble columns are 5 stories high. The marble came all the way from Italy. The grounds outside are AMAZING too!

I went to the supermarket and in the car park there are lots of monkeys. They are so funny. But there is a  trick getting the groceries to the car without the monkeys trying to steal your food. If you have bags in both hands they will quickly snatch a bag from you. But if you have one hand free they will leave you alone as they know you can give them a swipe with your free hand. Clever little things. Don't have to worry about that in Rotorua....

Here are the monkeys trying to work out how to get into a can of peaches.

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