Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Today I went shopping. This is the money they use. Do you know who the guy is on the Brunei money?
In Bruneian they are called Ringgit's but in english they are referred to as dollars and cents.
One Ringgit is equal to one NZ dollar.

When out shopping, you can go to a Mall, shops or Markets.

This market is only open at night. They have all sorts of local food such as sticky rice wrapped in banana leaves and satays. Because of their religion there are no pork products i.e. bacon or ham in Brunei - and no alcohol. On Saturday's the market area becomes a flower market.

I am tired after all that shopping. I am now going to relax by the pool. This is me at the Royal Brunei Polo Club where Royalty from around the world - including Prince Charles - comes and plays polo. The Sultan keeps about 200 polo ponies here. It is a lovely place - can you see the marble columns on the side of the pool? Any one can have a swim here for $3.

I am really excited because I am going to school on Saturday - yes they have school here on Saturday. I will tell you more about that next week.

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