Sunday, September 25, 2011


Hello everyone!
Here I am in London. Today I'm going to do some work in Canary Wharf; this is one of the Financial districts of London.
I get up really early in the morning before the trains get too busy.

Here I am on the train. I take 2 different trains to get to work; it takes about 45mins each way. Sometimes the train is so busy I can't get on.

Each morning I go past site where they are building the stadium for the 2012 Olympics. It's good fun to see them making progress.

Here I am at Canary Wharf. Today this area is full of big office buildings, but years ago this was where big ships would arrive from countries all around the world. They would come here to unload their goods and get ready to sail back again. In this photo I'm in West India Quay, which is where ships from the West Indies used to arrive.

Here I am in the office. Today I'm designing a new email system for a large company. I get to speak with people from all around the world and also the people who make the servers and equipment that I'm going to use in my design.

In the IT industry, things change really quickly. Usually equipment is only used for 3 years before it is replaced with newer, faster models. Here I am in the store-room sitting on a pile of old servers. These machines are headed for the crusher. Can you see the one with the little blue 'I' on it? It's a very special email server and when it was new it cost £60,000!

Here I am in the Datacentre. It's really cold in here! Because there are so many computers in here, the room has to be kept cold to stop them overheating. Datacentres are very special rooms and it's important that the servers never stop running. So that there aren't any power-cuts, the building has electricity coming in from 2 different power companies; if one fails the other takes over. There is also a big generator in the basement that can power the datacentre if needed.

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